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Aug 18, 2020

In this podcast we talk with Battalion Chief of Community Medicine Joe Casciotti from the Harris County Emergency Services District #48 in Texas about their Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine program that addresses the issues around Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). CVD is the leading cause of death across the nation, and Harris County, in partnership with the hospital system, has developed a system for following up with heart attack victims to reduce re-admissions through home safety visits - with remarkable results. Readmission rates dropped from 12% to 4%, a significant decrease.  CVD is the leading cause of death in America, killing 600,000 people per year. To put this in context, 200 times more people die from CVD than from fires, which kill 3,000 people every year. CVD is a CRR issue...not every community has had a fatal fire, but every community has lost members to CVD. Listen to what Joe has to say and learn what you can do in your community!