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Oct 30, 2019

Are you thinking of submitting a presentation for the Model Performance in CRR Symposium 6? Then you want to listen to this episode of CRR Radio where we talk with Monica Colby about what makes for a strong proposal and how to give the best presentation you can. Monica has been involved in evaluating proposals in just about every symposium, so she has a lot of experience to draw on to help you. "A really good proposal will start with your why's, your formative evaluation. Get to the point, be succinct, give us numbers and data. Tell the story, but do it in a quick, short way. In process, we're looking for what you did and trying to encourage everyone to start documenting what you're doing, why you did it, what mistakes you made, how you fix that, what you ran into, what you found works. Those are the things that we're really looking for is to be able to share that with one another and to be able to compare. Why did one program work and another one not work? What will work for my community?"